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A Disorder Of The Hypothalamus

ME/CFS And Your Brain's Sleep Center -The Hypothalamus

Your hypothalamus plays a key part in your M.E./ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

According to many ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome experts, including Dr Anne MacIntyre and Dr Charles Shepherd, your hypothalamus plays a key part in your ME/CFS.

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So what is a hypothalamus?

Well, part of your hypothalamus and brain stem are thought to control your sleep, which is why they are often referred to as your 'sleep center'.

Your hypothalamus is small yet it is perhaps the most important part of your brain. It controls:

* your sleep
* your energy balance
* how you regulate your temperature
* your hormonal system
* your blood flow/ blood pressure
* your emotional balance
* and many other functions.

So basically your hypothalamus is crucial to maintaining harmony in your body.

Now, in your hypothalamus is your body's 'biological clock' - your 'circadian rhythm' that changes your mental and physical characteristics according to whether it's night or day. What's interesting is that your hypothalamus needs natural daylight in order to work properly.

If you're housebound or bedridden with ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, then the likelihood is that you probably don't get much natural daylight at all. In fact, if you don't get more than two natural daylight hours - outdoors - everyday then you're likely to be suffering from Natural Light Deficiency.

Now research suggests that ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia sufferers have a disturbance in their hypothalamus...

... but in addition to that, they don't even get enough of the daylight needed to keep their hypothalamus working properly anyway... it really is no wonder why your body clock and sleep might be all messed up if you have ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia.


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