MUSIC RELAXING as it can be, can be used therapeutically to manage your mind, body and mood. Check out E Mile’s book called ‘Tune Your Brain’ about how you can use music therapy to feel better…


'Tune Your Brain:
Using Music to Manage Your Mind, Body, and Mood'

by Elizabeth Miles

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Amazon Readers Rating: MUSIC RELAXING

Review By: Claire (Sleepydust Editor), an Amazon reader, and Elizabeth Miles, author of the book

As a CFS sufferer myself, I really recommend that CFS/FMS sufferers try music therapy to reduce their stress levels…

When you have CFS/FMS, stress can be a major factor in making you feel worse, and so stress management is extremely important.

And music is an extremely powerful and therapeutic relaxation method that’s been used since ancient times. Not convinced?

Well, research has shown that music releases endorphins in your body, which are your body’s natural ‘feel good’ hormones. MUSIC RELAXING

Studies have also shown a great decrease in heart rate, brain activity, and skin temperature when music has been used in the relaxation process.

And music has also been shown to decrease amounts of the ‘cortisol’ hormone in your body (which increases when you are under stress).

So if you have CFS/FMS, you should definitely look into music therapy. MUSIC RELAXING

This book is about precisely that. Here’s what the author, Elizabeth Miles, says about the book:

“I created Tune Your Brain (TM) to help you become an expert music user with your own CD collection.

The latest research in neurology, medicine, and psychology helps you bring ancient wisdom into the scientific present for better health and performance in seven states of mind, body, and mood.

The discographies run from Mozart to Nirvana to African trance, and there's a companion CD series on Deutsche Grammophon to help you start brain tuning today.”

--Elizabeth Miles, author of this book--

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“First rate- very well researched and written, very useful! I recommend this book without reservation.”

--Mark McKergow, an Amazon reader from Cheltenham, UK--

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