Acupuncture For Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) And Fibromyalgia - Cher Shares Her Results

by Cher Marie
(San Diego (county), CA)

I was skeptical when I went to try accupuncture. I had tried it once at a clinic that was a family run office at the beach. I didn't notice any real benefits and when the head doctor put her nephew on staff (who had just graduated from Accupuncture classes and had got his certificate) I had a very uncomfortable session with him.

The head doctor had studied in China in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well. Sessions with the head doctor were relatively painless, but the nephew was newly certified and I could feel every needle!

I almost gave up on acupuncture, as I was living somewhere I had just moved to. I really hated the place and didn't know anyone so I didn't know who to ask for referrals for a new place to go.

I thankfully got to move back home and found an acupuncturist that had been practicing for over 25 years: A very spiritual, compassionate woman who worked on a lot of atheletes, sports figures and even was written up in the newspaper for her work.

I was having EXCRUCIATING neck, shoulders and upper back pain and immediately made an appointment. She was wonderful! She instinctively knew what areas needed work and during the exam told me what to add and remove from my diet and more.

She was so fast and knowledgable. She went right to the places that needed work and also worked with me doing a cleansing breathing excercise to help release any stress or negativity. After one visit my pain was greatly reduced to almost non-existent! I did return for several more treatments and it got rid of the pain altogether.

My doctor was retiring and working very little after a while, so I found another accupuncturist through someone I knew. He was wonderful as well. He worked on my energy, balanced my hormones, got my digestive system straightened out and generally had me living almost like a normal person! I was still unable to work but I felt a lot better.

I was also told to add a chiropractor and a good massage therapist by the hospital that did my pain evaluation. I never felt as good as when I had all that done! I alternated them week to week, for financial reasons but it really helped.

Since then though my chiropractor and massage person has retired and my accupuncturist has had a serious illness. We had become friends as well so I waited for him. I believe he may be back at work now and I can't wait to call him and get back in for maintenance and just to visit.

I have noticed since I haven't had the "needles" and the chiro, I've felt awful. We have wild fires here and I never could have made it through without my accupuncturist, especially for the energy enhancement. It makes a world of difference and if it wasn't for accupuncture I could never have dealt with the pain I was having because even pain meds weren't helping.


You definitely have to have a really good accupunturist that knows the body and how to treat it. My acupuncturist used herbs (TCM) also, but the acupuncture is what I swear by! It even helps you emotionally and spiritually by helping you to feel more open and calm.

I LOVE accupuncture and am so thankful for the help it has given me.

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Acupuncture For Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) And Fibromyalgia - Cher Shares Her Results

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Fascinating Insight Into How The Right Acupuncturist Can Help
by: Sleepydust

Wow Cher, what an interesting insight! It goes to show how very important it is to find the right acupuncturist for you, doesn't it?

I hope that your doctor has got better and that you have been able to return to his practice. He sounds amazing!

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, Cher.

Claire, Sleepydust

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