Acupuncture Via The NHS (For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Back Pain) - Review By Cate

by Catherine
(Stirling, Scotland, UK)

Cate can still smile sometimes :-)

Cate can still smile sometimes :-)

Hi, I'm Cate. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Here's my review of the acupuncture that I received via an NHS pain clinic...

The acupuncture procedure was painless and relaxing. I found that it temporarily relieved my back pain, which I am conscious of practically every waking moment. It's difficult to describe: The pain has decreased but there is no improvement in the agility or flexibility of my back.

Here's my experience of it:

You get four or five sessions. But then they stop it and you have to wait until it gets bad again before they will give you another session at the clinic.

To get to the clinic I had to get up at 7 in the morning to get myself washed and dressed to take a bus to town. Then either a train or bus for another 16 mile journey. Any other sufferer will know how much of a struggle this can be, especially because you just don't know how you're going to be feeling from one day to the next.

The slight improvement pushed me you make those 4 visits (one acupuncture session per week). But within a couple of months the pain was back, worse than ever and I gave up after a further three sessions. It was too much strain and pain to get there for too little relief in return.

If I could afford acupuncture privately I would try it but cannot afford such luxuries after not working for 10 years.

It's a wicked circle.

My opinion is that acupuncture helps the pain a bit but is certainly no cure.

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Acupuncture Via The NHS (For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Back Pain) - Review By Cate

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by: Christine


I am receiving Acupuncture now for the last 3 months, but not on the NHS. I wouldn't even bother with this treatment on the NHS.

I have private treaments. I am going there regularly, twice a week and it helps me tremendously.

I am also using a Chinese Centre as I don't think that any European person can ever learn Acupuncture in the way as it really works. It's taught in China to people from the age of two.

My Chinese doctor said that ME isn't a quick fix. She told me because of the complexity of the illness I have to go a minimum of 6 months, twice a week to see the change. She knows what she is doing and I don't think going to Acupunture for 6 times in all together can help anybody. Any good Acupuncturist will agree with me there.

When I began with Acupunture I was bedbound for at least 3 days a week and now I hardly have a day where I have to stay in bed for more than 5 hours. On days where the Acupunture takes place I can do even little things in the flat as I feel great on those days.

I also do the Perrin Technique and Homeopathy on top, but I know that without Acupunture I would not feel half that good already and I thank everyday that I can receive this wonderful and helpful treatment, which everybody should try.

Acupuncture Via NHS For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Back Pain
by: Sleepydust

Hi Cate. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences of acupuncture for back pain. That trip to the clinic really sounded like a struggle, especially for someone with ME/CFS. It's interesting to read how little acupuncture seemed to help you. I do hope you'll find a treatment that will ease your back pain soon, Cate.

All the best

Claire, Sleepydust

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