Acupunture for ME/CFS - Julia's Negative Experience

by Julia
(Near London, UK)

I had been encouraged to try acupuncture for my ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. I went into this with a very positive attitude, because I have found herbal medicine to be very helpful in managing the symptoms of my ME/CFS. (In fact, osteopaths and chiropractors have been excellent in easing my chronic pain and fixing problems that doctors have no answers for.)

The deal was that if I paid upfront, I'd not only save money, but the Chinese Herbal / Acupuncture centre would give me my money back if I was not cured. So I thought I had nothing to lose...

They gave me Ginseng in liquid form which made me feel better and gave me more energy at first, along with some chinese herbs to take.

The acupuncture did help with the bloated stomach I got before my period, and this effect has lasted about a year and a half. The acupuncture also took away the strep throat (I always had a sore throat).

However I was only allowed to take the ginseng formula for two weeks. After I stopped taking the ginseng formula it became apparent that that was the only benefit that I was to see from the expensive treatment in regards to my ME/CFS.

None of my ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms were helped except the sore throat. I could still hardly walk far at all and the dizzy feeling, weakness, swollen glands, cognitive difficulties, etc were not helped at all by the accupuncture.

I asked for my money back but they would not give it back to me as per our agreement. The receptionist did let on that the benifits would only last a couple of months anyway and then I would return to how I had started. I felt conned. It was an expensive mistake to make.

I do not dispute that it did help with the strep throat and help reduce the bloated stomach I used to get monthly. And I know that it can help in some conditions.

Apparently acupuncture can be used to block pain, especially during operations. So it would seem that it may have a use with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia patients needing surgery due to the sensitivity many patients experience to medications.

However I would not recommend it for use as a cure for ME/CFS or Fibromyalgia from my own experience. I would dearly love to have that money back now.

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Acupunture for ME/CFS - Julia's Negative Experience

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Your Negative Experiences With Acupuncture For ME/CFS
by: Sleepydust

Hi Julia. It's such a shame to read about your bad experiences with acupuncture for ME/CFS. From what I can tell, it really does depend on the individual, but also the acupuncturist who treats you.

Interesting to hear how Ginseng has helped you, albeit a short term solution. Maybe a nutritionist could be of help to you?

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences of acupuncture with us all.

Hoping that recovery comes soon

Claire, Sleepydust

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