Graded Exercise Therapy - Vicky's Experience (via St Barts Hospital)

by Vicky Bareham
(Diss, Norfolk, UK)

I have been diagnosed as having both M.E. / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. A few years ago I was referred to St Barts hospital, and took part in their Graded Exercise Therapy program.

I increased my exercise by a little bit, and was able to do X amount, but then hit a ceiling, which I could never get through. I should also mention that the only thing I was doing at this time was the graded exercise; I wasn't cooking my own food, etc.

I eventually left the St Barts Graded Exercise Therapy programme because we had a difference of opinion when it came to my fitness levels.

I no longer do Graded Exercise, but manage instead to do a wider range of activities, which is more rewarding. I try and do yoga regularly, as I do notice it makes a difference with maintaining my joint suppleness.

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Graded Exercise Therapy - Vicky's Experience (via St Barts Hospital)

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Thanks For Sharing Your Experiences Vicky!
by: Sleepydust

Hi Vicky

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us. It's a shame that the St Barts GET programme didn't work out for you. But it's great to hear that you're doing a wider range of activities! Many sufferers do seem to benefit from gentle yoga moves.

Congratulations on your improvement and good luck for the future Vicky!

All the best


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