Great Acupuncture Results For Chronic Pain - Cher's Review

by Cher
(San Diego, California, USA)

I must admit, when I first tried accupuncture I almost gave up! I am not really fond of needles and I had gone to a place that was close by and that I knew nothing about. The head doctor there had studied in China and the acupuncture session was relatively painless, but I didn't notice any benefits at all.

I quit when the head acupuncturist had her newly certified nephew work on me. I felt every needle! (You aren't supposed to.)

Thankfully, I eventually found a wonderful acupuncturist. She had studied in China for almost 30 years, during a time when it was not the norm for women to become certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors. She was very fast, knowledgable and compassionate and very spiritual. She worked on atheletes here as well as other sports figures and high profile people and even was written up in the newspaper for her great work.

I was having excruciating head, neck, jaw, shoulder and upper back pain. The pain was so bad that my pain medicines did not work at all.

So I went to a pain clinic in the hospital and they recommended going to the accupuncturist, as well as a chiropractor, and massage therapist. I immediately went to the accupuncturist I had found and in one visit the pain was almost none existent. She also gave me breathing exercises to release tension and negativity, as well as suggestions on what to add and remove from my diet. They helped me emotionally and spiritually as well by helping me to be more calm and open.

Everytime I went to an acpuncture session, I would fall asleep while I lay on the table. And when I left, I was so relaxed and limp I could barely speak!

Sadly, my acupuncturist has now retired but and I was able to find another wonderful practitioner through someone I knew. He was terrific as well and worked on my energy, balancing my hormones, relieving stress, my immune system and my neck as well as my digestive system. If it hadn't been for him I never would have made it through the wildfire in 2003 or going to my son's wedding.

Acupuncture has helped so much it is almost like being normal, though I still am unable to work. I am so thankful for accupuncture. It has given me time where I can actually feel almost like a regular person. I love my accupuncture and swear by it for helping to relieve the symptoms. There is a reason it has been around about 3,000 years and still going strong.

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Great Acupuncture Results For Chronic Pain - Cher's Review

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Acupuncture For Chronic Pain
by: Sleepydust

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences of acupuncture with us, Cher! It certainly seems that, like most cases when it comes to health, your choice of practitioner is very important indeed. It was very interesting to read that you had found no benefit from some acupuncturists, and remarkable results and symptom relief from others!

By the way, just out of interest - do you have Fibromyalgia and/or ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Cher?

Thanks again for sharing your experiences with acupuncture. All the best,

Claire, Sleepydust

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