Helpful Acupuncture For Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia - Jean's Review

by Jean
(Monroe, LA, USA)

Here are my thoughts on acupuncture for Fibromyalgia and chronic pain...

I have had acupuncture for 1 1/2 years from an MD who teaches oriental acupuncture, so know I'm getting the best.

The reason my acupuncture treatment takes so long is because my problems started at the age of 14 when my jaw was broken when ice skating. Doctors called me a hypochondriac. Then I also had an even worse back injury when I was 21, falling from a small rowboat when trying to get out; The point of impact was the 8-10 dorsal on the edge of the boat seat. Again, from doctors, same verdict.

Now, my neurologist says surgery is my only answer - after an MRI. They have "nothing else to offer."

I got my degrees as an ND and HMD in self defense, but needed someone else to help. God sent me an Egyptian MD (5 minutes from my home) to give me acupuncture on a regular basis - and he understands all my problems - neuromuscular, basically.

The acupuncture is helping tremendously, but my body doesn't maintain the treatments almost from day to day. The pain has been unreal and no pain killers are accepted by my body, so I now take enzymes like candy. That seems to help - including my very nutritious diet and complete body care.

I have had Nutrienergetic tests along with natural therapies and massage. The tests show tremendous improvement, but the damage received to all nerves / muscles is so deep that we just have to "be still and know." I'll be 86 in less than four months, so my body doesn't respond like a younger person would.

I keep looking for new ideas, giving almost everything a try. I'm much better, but far from normal.

Will keep reading your publication to see if anything new comes my way.

Lovingly - Jean Bray

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Helpful Acupuncture For Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia - Jean's Review

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Acupuncture For Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain
by: Sleepydust

Thanks Jean for sharing your experiences of using acupuncture for Fibroymalgia and chronic pain. I really hope you'll find even more relief from your pain (and other Fibromyalgia symptoms) soon, and that you keep going from strength to strength. Thanks so much for sharing!

Claire, Sleepydust

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