How PSYCH-K® Has Helped My Sleeping Patterns And Energy Levels

by Peter Trott

For 7 years I had a lack of energy and my sleep patterns have left me feeling more tired when I wake up than before I went to bed. Hours of insomnia, often leading to just a couple of hours sleep left me feeling extremely irritated the following day. This condition started after suffering from a carotid artery dissection in 1999. This year everything changed for the better.

I own an ex-racehorse. My partner, Trish, rides him as a hack. The horse started to become difficult and Trish, having ridden and competed for over 30 years, lost her confidence. She decided to try PSYCH-K® to reprogramme the horse's mind and make him far easier to handle and to regain her confidence.

Being "Mr Sceptical" I laughed but went along to the session out of curiosity. To cut a long story short, the horse changed for the better and Trish regained her confidence.

This spurred me on to try PSYCH-K® to improve my sleep and give me more energy. Success! my sleep has improved dramatically and I am now more active.

A friend who was diagnosed with ME 6 years ago persuaded me to qualify, as she was impressed with the way I had changed. I am pleased to say that her results have been most positive and she is now far more active as a result of the PSYCH-K®. In fact she has written to her consultant to tell him of the benefits.

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How PSYCH-K® Has Helped My Sleeping Patterns And Energy Levels

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Interesting insight into PSYCH-K!
by: Sleepydust

I have never heard of PSYCH-K before! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us all, Peter.


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