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html learning : “Sams Teach Yourself HTML & XHTML in 24 Hours “ by Dick Oliver is the best html learning book around…

html learning

'Sams Teach Yourself HTML & XHTML

in 24 Hours'

by Dick Oliver

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Amazon Readers Rating: html learning

Review By: Claire (Sleepydust Editor) and Amazon readers

Want to know how I learnt how to program this website?

I used this book!

It's a nice and simple book, divided into 24 easy lessons (one hour each).

By the end of the book you have more than enough knowledge to begin programming your own website. In fact, even by hour 6 or 7 you can already start building it!

Here's what readers have to say about this book:


This book was easy to follow and explained things very well. I felt as if I could give it to my 10 year-old and
he would be able to follow it
(haven't tried this yet though!)"

-- An Amazon Reader From Iowa --

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"Wonderful. Got my website up and looking good too!

This is a fantastic book. It doesn't take you too fast nor introduce things that are complicated before you are ready for them.

Before I got this book I felt that writing html was something really difficult and would be a pain to learn.

Reading this book and working through the 24 lessons at my own pace was great though and I now feel comfortable and happy with writing my own html and xhtml code.

It might sound surprising but this book tells you right off the bat that you don't need a fancy webdesign suite with a million and one tools, all you really need is the lowly 'Notepad' program that comes with windows as standard.

I was really pleased with this, saved me a fortune!

Overall this is the best and most helpful computer book I have ever read.

Pure class."

Mr Ska, London United Kingdom

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"An excellent starting point.

The book starts with the absolute basics; nothing is assumed.

Finding someone to host your web site is covered, as is the creation of files using the Windows Notepad text editor and the uploading of files onto a web hosting computer.

And, of course, there's a tremendous amount of detail in creating web pages.

This book gives you an awful lot.

If your desire is a really good book that starts right at the very beginning, and gives you enough knowledge to build really good looking web pages from scratch... then this is your book.

If you want to set up a simple web page for yourself - or an informational web page designed to promote your home business - this is a great text.

And if you plan on persuing a career as a web page developer, but have no previous knowledge of
web design or HTML... then this is a great book to start with.

The book is now in its 6th edition, and that says a lot; publishers won't revise a book with poor sales. For a computer book to be revised and released 6 ttimes is a dramatic testament to its popularity, and inherent quality.

When you invest in this book, you get a lot of value. When you've learned and applied everything in this book, you'll be able to create extremely good looking and well written informational web pages from scratch, without having to rely on a web authoring package."

-- Charlie Worton, Edmonton, Alberta Canada --

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