Hydrogen Peroxide IV (A.K.A. Oxygen Therapy) And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Christy's Review

by Christy
(Dayton, OH)

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome due to having the Epstein Barr Virus. I contracted the virus three years ago and never got better.

I began working with a naturopath and received a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in a dextrose solution. The peroxide IVs can kill off viruses, bacteria, and candida. After 6 treatments the virus has gone.

I also took a supplement called monolaurin (it's extracted from coconut - it can kill viruses).

The second thing to address is healing the adrenal glands if they are run down. I believe that lots of rest, healthy diet, vitamins, minerals, no stimulants, and cortisol supplementation (if necessary) can help tremendously.

I am also doing colon hydrotherapy treatments. I hope this helps!

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Hydrogen Peroxide IV (A.K.A. Oxygen Therapy) And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Christy's Review

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Guaifenesin and Holistic Treatments
by: Jennifer

I went into the Guaifenesin Protocol with great hope. I left behind a doctor who had slowly but surely been helping me, with, among other things, Hydrogen Peroxide IVs, which made me feel better for 24-48 hours the couple of times I did them. (A bit pricey.)

Unfortunately, nine months later, I was no better. If anything, it reversed the good the H2O2 had done.

I wasted so much time and energy following this ridiculously complex protocol. As far as I am concerned it is a crock. I met quite a few people who tried it in person, and, none (some even after a year) saw results.

I truly resent the false hope and promises that were given to me by the practitioners promoting this protocol. I was told I'd be back at work within a month, and by their own figures, I should have been back to normal within 5 months.

I have had so much better luck going the holistic route, using gentle chiropractic and myofascial release therapy for amazing pain control, and herbs and supplements; two big factors being Adrenal supplements and something called Insinase that regulates blood sugar and a protein that seems to be key in some newer research.

Another helpful element seems to be Whey Protein. I highly recommend the use of a Sauna, not just for it's detoxifying properties, but for it's effect on mood, and possibly easing muscle discomfort after a light workout.

I did a careful exercise program at my local YMCA. They provide scholarships and free trainers for the first 12 weeks and understood how precarious my situation was. They started me out on 5 minutes walking and a variety of stretches. This is what I credit for ditching my cane.

Tramadol has also helped with fatigue and light pain control. Hope that helps!

Hydrogen Peroxide IV (A.K.A. Oxygen Therapy) And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
by: Sleepydust

Thanks so much for sharing Christy! You're the first person to review Hydrogen Peroxide IV (A.K.A. Oxygen Therapy) for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on this site. Interesting stuff! Please do keep us posted with how you are won't you?

All the best

Claire, Sleepydust

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