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ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Video For Web Masters & Bloggers

Host The ME/CFS Video
On Your Site For Free!

Now, you can show the ME/CFS video to your own visitors for free!

Do you run a web site, forum, or do you have a blog (online diary)? Maybe you run a support group and have a web page? If so, please help us spread the word about ME/CFS, by posting the free video on your site.

It couldn't be easier. All you have to do is add a piece of code to your web page or blog template and voila! You have an embedded, educational ME/CFS video that will help to inform others about the condition. And best of all...

... it's free!

You don't have to pay for extra bandwidth because the particular version of the video you'd be showing, is actually hosted in a big, online, video library service called 'YouTube'. So when we say free, we really mean... free.

You can copy and paste the code below into your web page or blog template, and help to spread the word straight away. The code below will embed a copy of the free ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome video into your web page:



Or if you prefer to simply link to the video, you can copy and paste this code:



If you'd like to add more information about the ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome video, you may find this page useful...

Please help to educate people about this illness by forwarding this page on to as many bloggers and web masters as you know.

Together we can make a difference.