My Review Of Graded Exercise Therapy As An M.E. Sufferer

by Joy Bird
(Kent, UK)

I have tried Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) for my Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.). I have also tried Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Here's my personal review...

For me, Graded Exercise Therapy was terrible as it took me a week to get over a session. Getting to the clinic was difficult and I was in pain by time i got there. But I did the exercises nevertheless...

The Graded Exercise Therapist said that I should add 10% on my walking time. I said, Well in a year that would mean I would be walking around the world!

As someone who has Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), Graded Exercise Therapy was of no use and made me very ill. I do honestly think that before these therapies are given to patients a full assessment of the patient's health should be taken into consideration. You cannot blame the Graded Exercise Therapist as he or she is not a doctor, and they are only doing the job they're being paid for. However, I think that therapists should be trained to spot people with M.E., especially those who are being damaged by the therapy.


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My Review Of Graded Exercise Therapy As An M.E. Sufferer

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G E T not for ME
by: Paula

I tried for nearly 12 months when I was first dianosed with ME in 1996, I was being monitered my a professor and conected to Liverpool hospital.
I tried to do this,. because before the illness, I had been such a fit person, and thought that this was the way forward for wrong I was, each time I used the static bike, or the steps, I would feel the hot sweets come on, after a couple of turns of the peddles, or a couple of steps, I would rest and the next time, not do as many (pacing) no each time I did this, I was making myself ill, if I pushed the boundries, I wouldnt be able to sleep, although exhusted, then I would totally crash for days.
even my state of mind got affected, because the feed back from the telephone interviews would get me down, as I think they thought I wasnt trying. I so wanted to be well, as I still had a family at home, and at the time had got my first grandchild. so wanted to be a good granny, but I couldnt even hold him for long, because of the pain fropm the fatigue in my muscles.
Why people think we would want to stay ill, is beyond reasonable thought as far as I am concerend, I know they want people to have CBT too. This to change your thought patterns.

I know that most people with this condition, will push their boundaries, just to have some kind of normal life and enjoy events.
We do stop doing somethings as we know we are going to make ourselves ill, surely that makes sence, if you burn yourself, would you really go and do it again, I dont think so, we know we are going to damage ourselves if we keep pushing the boundairs over and over again.....We all know this is crashing.
Also, the fact the Doctors and govenment are pushing for our condition to be a mental condition, rather than a physical, puts under further stress. Unless you sufferer with this condition, nobody understands that servier stress can drain our bodies of all energy.

Graded Exercise Therapy For M.E.
by: Sleepydust

I'm so sorry to hear that Graded Exercise Therapy made your M.E. worse Joy. I think you made a valid point there, that it would be very helpful if Graded Exercise Therapists were trained to spot M.E. sufferers who were responding badly to the therapy.

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences Joy.

All the best

Claire, Sleepydust

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