The Polio Vaccine And CFS

The poliomyelitis virus (polio) has been linked as a possible cause of ME/CFS. This is because the number of ME/CFS cases soared after the polio vaccine was introduced [ref 29].

But it seems that the polio vaccine was only indirectly to blame...


“we have swapped one problem for another, less polio paralysis, but more post viral syndrome.”

-- Dr Sarah Myhill, Vaccination- The Pros And Cons --

You see, the enteroviruses (including the polio virus) live and grow in your tummy. And of all the enteroviruses, the polio virus is apparently the most dominant. So while polio is around, it apparently keeps the other enteroviruses ‘at bay’. But by eliminating polio in your tummy, the polio vaccine effectively gives way for the other enteroviruses to breed - spreading into your bloodstream, spinal cord and even to your brain.

“the oral polio vaccine is "causing" chronic fatigue syndrome by making way for other enterovirus to grow in the intestines and be able to do damage like that done by the poliovirus, except that the damage is most frequently found in brain activating system neurons and causes fatigue, not in the spinal cord causing paralysis.”

-- Dr. Richard Bruno, [ref 29] --


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