When was The polio vaccine discovered?

The Polio Vaccine History
When Was The Polio Vaccine Discovered ?

When was the polio vaccine discovered ? Who invented the polio vaccine? What is the polio vaccine history? Find out below...

So who invented the polio vaccine ? When was the polio vaccine discovered? Here’s a little about the polio vaccine history …

Virus: poliomyelitis
Other names: polio, infantile paralysis

Who Invented The Polio Vaccine?

So who invented the polio vaccine?

Well like many medical breakthroughs, there were a succession of findings by many scientists which led to an ultimate polio vaccine. But it was a scientist by the name of Dr Jonas Salk who, with the help of his colleagues at University of Pittsburgh Medical School, discovered the polio vaccine itself.

Dr Jonas Salk was the son of Orthodox Polish-Jewish immigrants and was born in New York in 1914. He dedicated his life to researching the causes, prevention and cure of diseases such as influenza (flu ), polio and towards the end of his life, cancer and AIDS. He was also a published author.

However there are other notable scientists who were either directly or indirectly involved with the discovery of the polio vaccine...

Perhaps the most notable were Harvard’s Johns Enders and his team, who collectively discovered how to grow polio in test tubes a few years before the polio vaccine was discovered. In fact it was Enders who, in 1954, shared the only Nobel Prize given for polio research.

Another notable scientist was Dr Albert Sabin. Shortly after Dr Jonas Salk, Sabin announced a variation polio vaccine, this time using “killed” viruses.

When was the polio vaccine discovered ?

The polio vaccine was made pubic in April, 1955. Drawing from previous findings of other scientists, Dr Jonas Salk discovered a vaccine which effectively created a mild infection with the polio virus without running the risk of infecting the patient.

When the polio vaccine was discovered , it couldn’t have happened at a better time. More and more outbreaks had been occurring since the turn of the century. In 1952 alone, the CDC estimated that there were over 21,000 paralytic cases of polio in the USA. The public was becoming increasingly frightened of the ominous poliomyelitis virus (otherwise known as infantile paralysis), which was crippling, paralysing and even killing people.

Dr Jonas Salk’s vaccine put a stop to the polio epidemic. He never patented his polio vaccine discovery and distributed the polio vaccine freely. Nowadays, most people in developed countries never develop polio.

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