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The following Mickel Therapy review (formally known as Mickel Reverse Therapy) is by Louise, a regular visitor to the sleepydust web site, and subscriber to the free Sleepydust Emagazine for ME/CFS & FMS sufferers.

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Louise has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and kindly emailed me about her own experiences with Mickel Therapy after reading the June edition of the free Sleepydust Emagazine:


A few months ago, after a CFS sufferer made a post at the Sleepydust Forum about their positive experiences with Reverse Therapy, I decided to give Mickel Therapy (formally known as Mickel Reverse Therapy) a go myself.

Here's my story, told as briefly as I can!

Mickel Therapy...

Prior to starting the Mickel Therapy, all my ME /CFS symptoms had increased. I had become depressed, thinking that I may never recover from ME/CFS, or that it would possibly take many years before I would feel well again. In particular the amount of muscle and joint pain was more severe than it had ever been before. It was continual - 24/7.

Quite frankly, I was desperate!

Around Feb/March, a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferer made a post about Reverse Therapy on the Sleepydust Forum.

I looked into Mickel Therapy (then known as Mickel Reverse Therapy) and decided that I had to try it. Reverse Therapy and Mickel Therapy seemed to have worked for many ME /CFS sufferers already and therefore it was something that I simply couldn't discard.

Yes, it's £80 per session, but if other people had recovered with Mickel Therapy , then why shouldn't I? It was a price that I felt was within reach and worth spending if Mickel Therapy enabled me to get well again.

Within a couple of days of applying the Mickel Therapy technique, the pain decreased considerably, and a short while later it completely ceased.

Other symptoms decreased after more Mickel Therapy sessions.


How Mickel Therapy Has Helped Me...

My first Mickel Therapy appointment was on April 21st. Two months and 5 Mickel Therapy appointments later I am a totally different person.

For the past two weeks I have been completely symptom free!

You have officially recovered from ME /CFS when you are clear of ME /CFS symptoms for a period of 6 weeks. So I have a few more weeks to go.

In my own mind I don't think I will believe it myself until I'm clear of ME /CFS symptoms for a few weeks longer than this, before I feel confident to tell people that I'm "cured."

But I can honestly say that I am astounded by the progress I've made right from the very first Mickel Therapy session. I can't believe that I'm feeling so well all the time.

I'm now feeling extremely well, full of energy and positive about the future. I haven't returned to work, but I'm leading a normal busy life with my family, able to go out, do whatever I want to do, and I do not even need to take a rest during the day.

Back in April I didn't think it was possible. I am amazed...

...and very happy! reverse therapy for cfs


What I've Learned About Mickel Therapy ...

The underlying cause of ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in each person is different. For this reason people require a varied number of Mickel Therapy sessions for their recovery from ME/CFS.

From what I researched, it isn't dependent on the length of time you've been ill, nor the severity of the illness. It really is a case of finding out the symptom message and applying the principles of Mickel Therapy .

That's the key to recovery.

-- Louise, CFS Sufferer, On Her Experiences With Mickel Therapy --


Since her intial review, Louise has been back in touch to let everyone know how she has been doing. Here's what she said:


The exciting news is that I'm nearing that 6 week point without any symptoms...

...and not only that but I really am feeling 100% well.


-- Louise, CFS Sufferer, On Her Experiences With Mickel Therapy --


Thanks Louise, for that review and update!

To find out more about Mickel Therapy, you can visit the official Mickel Therapy site here...

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