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The Side Effects Of
Actual Human Growth Hormone Treatments

This page looks at treatments of actual human growth hormones (such as human growth hormones injections), and more specifically, the side effects that may occur...


Human growth hormone therapy is when you take actual growth hormones, usually in the form of human growth hormones injections.

Human growth hormones injections are not the same as taking growth hormone releasers that just stimulate your body's production of your growth hormones.

Not only is it possible to overdose on actual human growth hormones injections but you can also experience bad side effects from them too. What's more, human growth hormones injections are also really expensive: So expensive that most of us would not be able to afford them even if we did want to take them.

In comparison to human growth hormones injections, human growth hormone releasers are apparently safe, have no side effects and are affordable. You can find out more about releasers of Human Growth Hormones here...

Anyway, back to actual Growth Hormone treatments...

Possible Side Effects Of Actual Growth Hormones (Injections)

Anytime you introduce a large amount of a foreign hormone into your body (such as when you have human growth hormones injections), there is the risk of side effects. And this is true when you inject actual Human Growth Hormones too.

"Injected Human Growth Hormone may reduce fat and increase lean body mass in some, but serious side effects may attend the use of Human Growth Hormone for this purpose.

There is some fear that high doses of Human Growth Hormone might promote some cancers.

(...) Subsequent studies also demonstrated some (...) serious side effects (...) including arthralgias of both small and large joints, insulin resistance leading to higher serum fasting glucose levels, fluid retention in the lower extremities, carpal tunnel syndrome, gynecomastia and headaches.

Due to the prevalence of some of these side effects, the researchers who conducted the first human trial reduced the dosage of Human Growth Hormone they had been using by half."

-- PDR Health [re. side effects of growth hormones ]--

Human Growth Hormones Releasers...

Please remember that the above possible side effects refer to the intake of actual human growth hormone. By comparison, Human Growth Hormone Releasers are not actual human growth hormones - they are completely different...

Human Growth Hormone Releasers are 'prohormones', herbs and 'phytochemicals' which can help your body to trigger your own Human Growth Hormones. What's more, it seems that you cannot (apparently) overdose on Human Growth Hormone Releasers, whereas you can overdose on Human Growth Hormone replacement therapy injections.


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