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Exhaustion & Tiredness

You, Tiredness &
Sleep Abnormality Patterns ...

Tiredness & Exhaustion...

When you have ME/CFS or FMS your fatigue can be overwhelming.

But why?

Find out why you are so bone-shatteringly tired below...


ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome , Fibromyalgia... and sleep. What a complicated and baffling matter! No matter how much you sleep you always feel unrefreshed and exhausted (bone-shattering tiredness ).

Does that sound familiar to you?

This sub-section explores this topic in more detail. The contents of this section are below, but to get the most out of this section, it's best to read the pages in order - just follow the arrows!

The arrow to look out for looks like this: tiredness

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You, CFS , FM & Sleep Abnormality Patterns


Introduction :: Bone-Shattering Tiredness

Like a petrol tank with a hole in it - no matter how much you fill it up, you're just always 'running on empty'! (overwhelming tiredness )

But why is that?

Why do you, as a ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia sufferer, feel so tired, exhausted and weak all the time - no matter how much you sleep? (symptom tired and exhausted)

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Why Such Tiredness & Exhaustion?

The answer : you have a 'sleep rhythm abnormality'.

A what???? tiredness

OK, let me explain...


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