What Acupuncture Does For Me As A Post Viral / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sufferer

by Amanda Chittenden
(Hadleigh, Suffolk, United Kingdom)

Acupuncture - I don't know how it works or why it works but for many, acupuncture does. I have suffered from Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome since April 2003.

Before I begin I want you to know that my review about acupuncture is totally unbiased and not based on any belief or following. I am not being paid for this review by anyone and I do not follow any trend or fashion.

The first contact I had with acupuncture was via my husband. It was recommended to him for his recurring headaches and migraines (which the doctors couldn't help him with).

The acupuncture helped my husband so much that he suggested that I go with him to his next acupuncture session to learn the sinus massage that he received while he was relaxing with his needles in.

At the time of the session, I was off work because I was ill with Bronchitis (as we believed at the time). But after talking with my husband's acupuncturist, she told me that I actually had Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVFS).

I went with my husband to his next appointment and I talked with his acupuncturist again about my illness... and my phobia of needles!

That was the day that I was offered a trial using just a few needles to see if the benefits outweighed the discomfort. It was really difficult for me to agree to have someone put needles into me when I didn't have to have it done, but I agreed in the end.

So with no preconceptions of what to expect, I had the trial acupuncture session.

I got home after the appointment and slept for about an hour. It is hard to explain but when I woke up, my mood had lifted.

The next day I felt that I had a bit more energy. It was as if my body wasn't being weighed down with quite so much lead as usual. So I decided I would give acupuncture a go after all - what had I got to lose?

Note from Sleepydust:

In his book 'Living With M.E.', Dr Shepherd writes that nearly 41% of survey respondents (in a UK survey carried out by 'Action For ME' in 1990) said that they had found acupuncture or acupressure useful.

You can read a full review of Dr Shepherd's book here...

Back to Mandy...

As the sessions went by I began to notice that I wasn't suffering from Pre-Menstrual Tension (PMT) or any of the other symptoms that went with my monthly cycle. I mentioned this to my acupuncturist and found out why: in my sessions, two of the needles had been placed into my gynaecological site (one in each leg)!

It was like an unexpected side effect of the best kind!

I also noticed that my eczema had cleared up, a skin condition from which I had been suffering for over 7 years behind my ears.

Also my needles were changed when I was suffering from insomnia and this really helped me to get to sleep.

Now my appointments are timed to link in with my monthly cycle so that I get the most benefit from my treatment. For some reason I was 2 weeks late last month so I had a 6 week gap between appointments and because of this delay I really noticed a difference in my well-being. I had trouble waking up properly in the mornings and 'getting going', the whole day just seemed to be one big blur, and I was sleeping more than normal...

Yesterday I had my needles in - all 14 of them. And today I have managed to get up, washed and dressed before 10 a.m. I have even managed to do some housework and to type up this review! I could not have done all of this yesterday morning. I am also going to try some Yoga this afternoon (although I know I will pay for it in a day or two)!

I am lucky that I have found an acupuncturist who is also a practising physiotherapist because I receive more than just acupuncture in my sessions - I also get physiotherapy and acupressure massage to help me relax.

I am sure I have probably missed out half of the things that are good about acupuncture, but the only bad thing I can think of is my having to travel to the clinic and not being treated at home!

Acupuncture isn't for everyone. But it works for me and that is what is important. I know that if I stopped having acupuncture I would be a lot worse than I am now!

As a Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome sufferer myself I would say that acupuncture is definitely worth considering. It may not work for you but if it does, then the benefits really are wonderful.

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